Crater Face

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Dan Deacon’s music has been compared to an experimental music landscape.  Kind of fitting for this nice animation.


Swedish electro

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Heard this by accident–Familjen.  It’s a guy from Sweden, that sings in Swedish (Or, more precisely, the southern dialect of Scanian, according to wiki).

I wish groups/bands/artists from different countries would sing in different languages more often. If you know another language, flaunt it! I really don’t understand why they’d want to adopt the trashy, American-pop style of singing. Is it really that cool to sing in English, if you’re from East/West/South and some of Northern Europe?
When I went to France, I was staying in a house that was owned by a family with both French and British roots. The husband and wife had a girl who was a couple years younger than me. I borrowed her CD player to listen to CDs, and I opened the top to see a CD left inside. I was excited, thinking that there’d be a new French band that I could listen to, but… it was an Avril Levine CD.

Familjen’s Myspace Page


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Here’s a band you’ve probably never heard of.  I can’t find anything out about them because everything about them is in French!  The video is lackluster but listen to the song:

Their other songs have the nintendo “boop” noises.  Similar to Crystal Castles but much slower and less grating.

Knickerbocker Glory

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Serves 4-6

  • 1 pack strawberry jelly
  • ½ mango (or fruit in season)
  • 1 punnet strawberries washed, stem removed and quartered
  • ½ litre vanilla ice cream
  • 1 can whipped cream
  • 3 meringues
  • 3 meringues
  • 1 bottle chocolate sauce
  • 100g chopped peanuts nuts

Firstly prepare the jelly according to manufacturer’s instructions and set cold.

In tall glasses, add some fresh fruit, in this case, mango and strawberries.

Add a few spoons of jelly, crushed meringues, some ice cream, more fruit, jelly, meringues and ice cream then finish with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and crushed nuts.

From 9 am

A punnet, I’ve found out, is a small basket of fruit, you know, those green, plastic cage-like containers.

But my real reason for posting the recipe was so I could post this video from Fujiya & Miyagi:

The King is Dead

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Catchy song by The Herd. They’ve been called an Australian equivalent to Wu-Tang, with their political lyrics and such. This song references the late Prime Minister John Howard, who opposed political correctness, rejected Aboriginal treaties, and had close ties to Bush [from Howard’s wikipedia page]. He got booted out of office in November of last year.

For more, read the Washington Post article “Australian Leader Defeated in Election.”